About me




Hey there!

My name is Jonatan. I LOVE social interactions. I’m continuously experimenting with new ways to improve my interactions with people.

One of my goals in life is to become as charismatic as possible. Because I believe that if you have charisma, doors fly upon and opportunities present itself. But most of all, because being able to deeply connect and have fun conversations with anybody you meet just feels great.

Human beings are social creatures. Therefor, I believe that having meaningful and fun interactions with other people is one of the keys to happiness and success!

The name of this blog, “Charisma on fire, refers to one of the many precepts that I try to live by: “to light someone up, you need to be on fire”. What it means is that if you have a high and positive energy, people will gravitate towards you, you will light them up with joy. Seeing that spark in someone’s eyes makes me feel incredible.

Join me on this adventure! Let’s learn how we can be on fire!


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